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Power BI REST API: Clone Dashboard to New Workspace return 404 not found

The clone dashboard API can't clone the tiles from a traditional workspace into a new workspace. The API will successfully create the new dashboard but the tiles can't be added because the dashboard can't be found. The same API call works as expeted to clone from a traditional workspace into another traditional workpace. 


Working API: adddashboardingroup

Non-Working API: clonetileingroup



Status: Needs Info
Community Support Team

Hi @Salty_Sea_Dog,


If you do it step by step, the possible cause could be the parameters of the request body. Because you clone it to another App, you should clarify the report. Please refer to the demo below.


If you do it in a batch of a script, the cause could be the known issue that the API can't return the App ID. Please refer to


Best Regards,


Community Support Team
Status changed to: Needs Info