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Power BI Pro Trial Is Not Replacing or Updating Existing Power BI Free License

I have 59 days left on my Power BI Pro Trial but when I view my subscriptions under My Account at, my account still shows Power BI (free). Consequently I am not able to share dashboards or reports and receive the dreaded "Failed to send email to invite users" error even though I am able to create workspaces and when selecting the share icon I am prompted to enter receipient emails.


I also experience a catch-22 since I am also not able to create a support ticket to report this issue under my Power BI Pro trial license.  It would appear the Power BI Pro trial license is not a full Power BI Pro license.


Please advise how I can test sharing a dashboard with the Power BI Pro trial license.


Thank you,


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Got this resolved. Had to add the Power BI Pro Trial license using the portal and add it as a product under billing.