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Power BI Pro Embedded View on Mobile - Tabs not showing

I have a report with multiple tabs which we embed into a website and on a pc/laptop the experience works perfectly and you can see the tabs at the foot of the view and can select these tabs to open relevant views. When switching to a mobile phone (portrait or landscape) the tabs at the bottom disappear. 

From my understanding we cannot create mobile views as this is only available in Power BI Premium.

We simply want the tabs to appear on a mobile phone/tablet in the same way they do on a pc.

I have attached images to show the difference. ANY IDEAS MOST WELCOME


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We would like to know the following things of your scenario.

1.Do you use publish to web feature to generate embed code of your Power BI report?
2.Do you use IPhone or Android phone? What is verion of your phone?
3.Do you directly open Power BI report in Power BI mobile app or in browser of your Phone? 

In addition, you can create report optimized for the Power BI mobile apps without Power BI premium license, see


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I have answered your questions below.


1 - From within Power BI Desktop we publish to web

2 - Both, ive tested on iPhone 6s+ and Samsung S9+ and get same issues

3 - Within browser of phones





@Alvin_Rogpott ,

Do you mean that you publish PBIX file to Power BI Service, then sign in Power BI Service in browser of your phones, and you are not able to view the tab?