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Power BI Premium Dataset Perspectives Ignored within Service Portal while viewing/editing Report

Note: we have opened a Premier Support ticket for this issue, but would like to post it here for visibilty and hopeful escalation by the Product Group.


Power BI Premium Dataset Perspectives are ignored within the Service Portal while viewing/editing a Report, published from Power BI Desktop into a Premium Workspace, pointing to a Premium Dataset containing Perspectives.


The Perspectives are confirmed as functioning while connecting from Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Premium Workspace Dataset.

This does not align with feature parity as per a Principal Program Manager on the Power BI CAT team.


Please note - we have tried enabling Personalize Visuals - which *does* succesfully limit the list of tables available when in READER mode to the Perspective, but as soon as a user goes into EDIT mode, the entire model is visible once again.  You might say this is expected behavior, BUT within Power BI Desktop, while building a report, against a Perspective of a PBI Dataset, exposed through the XMLA endpoint, the user is NOT able to expand outside of the Perspective and is properly limited to the tables and columns within said perspective.

Status: New
Community Support



Thanks for your update. We understand that the issue may be urgent and you have created a support ticket. Hopefully, it could be resolved soon and it would be great if you could share the solution to help more users.