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Power BI Premium Capacity Security issue

I have just had a meeting with two of our users who have admin right for the workspaces which is in premium,
they don’t have any tenant/capacity admin rights but They were able to change the capacity from the workspace context.

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hi  @kozikwa 

I have tested on my side, it works well.

Try to restart capacity see if it works, if other admin users could  change the capacity from the workspace context? and make sure these two users are not assigned the admin in one group by accident.




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thank You for Your advice, unfortunately I still receive below error message when trying to refresh the dataset.

On demand11/25/2020, 10:26:52 AM11/25/2020, 10:35:34 AMFailedThere was an error when processing the data in the dataset.
Data source error:We cannot convert a value of type Record to type List.. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. Please review the error message and provider documentation for further information and corrective action.
Activity ID:f35baacd-5d7c-466f-5ddf-c5ad2b12a3e4
Request ID:27df758c-eec6-d504-1a2b-bcf4ed6e0370
Time:2020-11-25 09:35:34Z