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Power BI -Power Automate - Format Output Date


I'm new to Power Automate as of today and have managed to use the Power Automate function in Power BI to create a button that provides a list of Course Delegates and compiles a HTML table that is delivered by email (output below). The list being based on the filter applied at page level withing my Power BI Report*.


1) The report I'm working on in BI Desktop is created from a dataset in, and connected to, the Power BI Service.
2) The format of the Event Date is set to mm/dd/yyyy in the dataset and is showing as such in the connectred report.



I can set the padding and all is good apart from not being able to work out how to format the date for the Event field within the HTML Table.

How can I set the Evetn date format to dd/mm/yyyy?


Steps in the Flow are as follows.



with the following operations at Initialise Variable and Select Stages




Hope someone can help.

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