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Power BI Online: Filtering not working with reports that contains three or more slicers

It looks like that filtering is not working properly when using three or more slicers/filters in Power BI Online Report view. It works on the desktop version but when publishing to Power BI Online some of the relations between filters is broken.


See video for reproducing the issue:





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Hi @wdehaas,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Please download the sample from here, open it in the latest Power BI desktop version and publish to Power BI service.


Go to Attribute Slicer report page both in desktop and service, select the same value in the same attribute slicers to see if the same result display.


Best Regards,

Qiuyun Yu

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Hi together!


I guess I have the same problem as mentioned above.

In my power bi desktop I can set a slicer for my unemployment rate:

2018-02-06 13_33_01-Fragen für Schulung - OneNote.png


After publishing in online view.

My slicers are gone and with online editing I can't set them back. There are only "dropdown" and "list" as option.

2018-02-06 13_38_05-HR Forecast Analysis - Power BI ‎- Microsoft Edge.png


any ideas?

My current Power Bi version:

Version: 2.54.4970.961 64-bit (January 2018)





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I have the same issue! I am using iscrossfilterd function in a measure to hide a card until any slicer selected

is there any replacement to do that!



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