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Power BI On-demand refresh and scheduled refresh not working

Hi Team,


The Power BI on-demand and scheduled refreshes are not working after 8.00 AM CET time for North Europe users.

Can you please check this issue and respond. ?




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I'm experiencing the same issues.


I used to refresh the dataset manually and the reports would reflect immediately. It was working yesterday but seems to be giving issues today.




@yentln Please post a new thread with detail information. Thanks. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


Installed last update but it still not working for me.

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just encountered the same issue in Australia. 
this is after refreshing the data source 2 times and it still only refreshes till friday. 

Refresh Errors.PNG


We are having the same issue!

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Same issue here Smiley Sad

Same here (Germany). The manual refresh in Desktop is working, the scheduled refresh in Service isn´t. Sometimes I get an error message, sometimes not.


Refresh history.png