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Power BI Model Layout Corrupted

Power BI Desktop (64 bit) is losing the layout of the model if you save a file without altering the pre-existing model.


To recreate:

1. Open an existing .pbix file containing a model you have laid out nicely.

2. Go to modelling tab and observe correct layout.

3. Press Save.

4. Close Power BI Desktop.

5. Re-open same .pbix file

6. Go back to modelling tab, and the layout has been completely messed up and 'auto-arranged'.


I've found a work-around:

If you make sure you change the layout - even slightly - say, move a table a couple of pixels, and then save - your new layout persists.  It only happens if you don't change the model!


Our model is Imported, using a custom connector.


I've had this problem in Feb and March releases, and is still present in the latest (April?) release:



This is a critical bug, as we need to distribute the models to our clients, and we don't want to have to tell them to wiggle a table in the model before saving any new reports they've added!

Status: Delivered
Community Support Team

Hi @kevnotec ,


I was not able to reproduce the same problem on my side. Would you please provide more description about "Go to modelling tab and observe correct layout."? If possible, please share your sample .pbix file for test. Remember to mask sensitive data before sharing.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team
Status changed to: Needs Info

my model layout is reset each time I re-open the file. I believe it should stay the way I aligned it for easier observation of the connection independent to if I made changes to it or not. I have a quite complex model at the moment. Understanding its connections each time is a pain to my eyes. 

Also with new releases, it works really slow to move tables around or create new connections. 

Guys, please fix it soon!


Appears to be fixed in Easter Day's release, v.  2.68.5432.841 


Thanks for working over the holiday!

Community Support Team
Status changed to: Delivered