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Power BI Matrix depicting duplicate 'ghost' subtotal

   For some reason, when using the Power BI Matrix visual, I experience duplicate 'ghost' subtotals when the following settings are true:

1) Subtotals are turned on

2) 1 or more levels of subtotals are 'skipped' inbetween levels that are turned on

3) The matrix is sorted by one of 'values' columns on the right-hand side of the matrix


When the Value column is not sorted or is sorted by one of the row columns on the left, the second 'ghost total' does not appear.
Additionally, I have confirmed that it does not matter if the subtotal is set to 'top' or 'bottom'.

Lastly, it does not appear to be an issue to be resolved with DAX, as it does not matter if I use an explicit 'SUMX (SUMMARIZE(....' measure, a simple CALCULATE measure, or simply drop the 'NetAmount' field directly on the matrix and allow Power BI to SUM it.

If this is a bug, it would be great if it could be addressed - thanks!

Status: New
Community Support


I have tested on my side, but not reproduce this problem.

could you please share your simple sample pbix file, that will be a great help.

You can upload it to OneDrive for business and post the link here. Do mask sensitive data before uploading.