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Power BI File Lost

Dear All , 


I've lost my power BI File which i daily updated it. it was on organization Drive , therefore it was take time to find it back. Even in Recycling area , also found nothing. 
My quick question , do i have to re-create and form the data once again ? 
Do we have any mean to recover it back ? it's like going to power BI service and get it back. But i try and explore file there, also no result. 

I wish to receive your random comments soon. 



Status: New

Hi @Chanleakna123,


From your description, it seems that the pbix file is lost, right? 


I don't know which organization drive you mean, but if you didn't back up it before or publish to Power BI service, I'm afraid it's not able to get it back. If the report already published to Power BI service after November 23, 2016, you can download pbix file follow this:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

@v-qiuyu-msft IT'S WORK DEAR Smiley Happy , THANKS YOU SO MUCH