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Power BI Export from Service is ruining visuals for PowerPoint, & PDF

I can now confirm, this is all to do with the new Grouping Functionality!!!


After spending time in Desktop to produce visually appealing reports i was suprised to see the result when choosing to export in PowerPoint or PDF.


The report has a BG image and 7 Matrix's, 7 KPI's.




1. From Desktop, when i click export to PDF the report is displayed correctly.

2. From the Service, when i clikc export wither from PDF or Power Point the report is displaed incorrectly.


In the Service, all the visuals get pushed up to the top left corener of the screen, all overlapping each other.


Please see attached images.


Also, the result in PDF from the Service is also replicated in Power Point (which is what i require) and also in subscriptions.Desktop to PDFDesktop to PDFService to PDFService to PDF

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Hi @Data_Laz


The same issue has been reported before internally: CRI 140652025. ETA 9/6 to all production clusters. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Community Support
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@v-qiuyu-msft Thanks for the update.

Helper I

Is there any update on this please as it is affecting multiple users in our business who would usualyl retrieve their reports via pdf from the PBI service?