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Power BI - Excel file schedule setting do not appear

Hi there,


I have a few Excel files connected to Power BI and configured to refresh on a schedule. However, recently the scheduled refresh settings are missing for new file added to Power BI (at the same time it seems to be Ok for the previously connected file). I initially attributed this to data-model errors resulting in the files not being able to refresh, but it looks like there is no problem with refreshing them manually, it all works correctly. Is there any limit on the number of files or total number times for Excel files on auto-refresh? I've removed a couple of existing schedules and files from the model, but this did not help... Smiley Sad


Appreciate your ideas/suggestions on how to fix it.





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It limits to 8 times for Power BI free and pro users when setting schedule refresh for each dataset in Power BI Service. And there are no official articles stating the limit on the number of Excel files on auto-refresh.

You directly connect to the Excel files in Power BI Service, right? If so, could you please share the Excel file so that I can reproduce?


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Thank you Lydia,


the report contains sensitive data, so I can't share it. I've created a test case in the sandbox team/group, it works as intended. I will try removing/adding back the files from and to PROD, to see if this helps.


Kind regards,