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Power BI Embedded localeSetting is not applying the setting

Try to set the localestting during initialization of Embbed report


 var reportConfig = {       
            settings: {
                        filterPaneEnabled: true,
                        localeSettings: {
                            language: 'fr',
                            formatLocale: 'fr'

var reportElement = document.getElementById('pbi-report');

//Embed report
var report = powerbi.embed(reportElement, reportConfig);

 As alternative we try to this after the load event

 const newSettings = {
            localeSettings: {
                language: 'fr',
                formatLocale: 'fr'

  report.on('loaded', function (event) {
            console.log("Updated report", report);

The report is rendered in our language "Dutch".  I know the setting inherited from browser setting. But I want to overrule this.


Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Status: New


Thanks for your reporting. I can somewhat reproduce the issue. I've submitted an issue in the Power BI Javascript API Lib. The developers would comment and give a fix if it is identified as an issue.