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Power BI Embedded Print no longer printing entire report



I am unable to print the entire page any more.  Started happening a couple of days ago.  When I right-click->Print in my browser (Chrome) only the first visual shows up in the preview and prints.  Am I doing something wrong?







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@csssoft ,

This is a known issue, which has been reported internally: CRI 108480238. A bug has been created to track this issue, currently there is no ETA.

Modify the Report design to avoid truncation:
    The customer should investigate the Page Size of the Report in question (Select the page size property group in the visualizations pane when the report page is in focus)
    If the Type is set to Custom, change it to '16:9' which will force the customer to rearrange tiles within the printable area
    Recommendations are to not place visuals on the Right and Bottom edges of the page boundaries
    Modify the Embed Link to use a bigger width and height - e.g.
<iframewidth="1024"height="800"src="" frameborder="0"allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

Ask their embedded users to use PrtScn to grab the entire window and create the PDF using the copied screenshot:
    If the first workaround is not practical for the user, this workaround should allow their report users to be unblocked
    In the embed viewer on their user(s) browsers, they should enter fullscreen view
    Use Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr key combination to grab the entire screen of the report in the copy buffer
    Copy the contents (Ctrl+V) to an editor (e.g. Word) capable of saving a PDF file


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Thanks Lydia. I appreciate the speedy response. 


The first option did not make any difference, the problem still persisted.


The second option is not relevant because I am trying to print to a printer (actual paper). Have you got any work-arounds for straight-forward paper printing?