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Power BI Dropdown visual glitch

Hi all,


I'm getting this weird glitch where the dropdowns on my dashboards appears in a severely offset location from the arrow. Has any one else encountered this weird issue?








It seems to correct itself when I zoom in/out of the page (Using Chrome), but it is still very annoying and not sure what the issue is exactly here. I've tried to clear my browser cache etc and no dice unfortunately. 


Any thoughts would be very much appreciated 😄 



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This was reported on the community site here:


Appears to be an issue with a Chromium release a few days ago and affects Edge as well as Chrome (anything Chromium based).  Workaround hack provided by a Microsoft Employee name Issac is to set the zoom level of the browser to 90% or 110%.  I'm asking about any links to Chromium or PBI bug trackers that will help me track more closely.  The workaround is not ideal if you have lots of clients with the issue.

Community Support



That's a known issue. You may keep an eye on the Awareness.


Power BI customers using Edge or Chrome V93 web browsers with the default page scale set to 100% may experience UI behavior issues when interacting with common web page controls, such as dropdown slicers, date pickers, or line charts.

Root Cause: This is a regression in the Chromium build, Bug# 1247858, and is impacting Edge and Chrome V93 web browsers.

Work Around: A zoom setting of anything other than 100% forces the browser to behave normally again. 90% or 110% zoom works fine