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Power BI Direct Query validate on first load



I've been working with Power BI Direct Query reports now for almost 4 years now, but since the september release I'm experiencing a serious problem.

It seems it does some kind of validation when opening a report in Power BI Desktop, or in the Service after publishing a new version of a report.

During that validation it executes all of my queries on the underlying datasource, Azure SQL db in my case. This takes a lot of time.

In PBI Desktop and in the Service it fails with a memory error.

Actually it executes a bunch of SQL views, and when I put a WHERE clause in them restricting the execution time and the amount of data to return, all of them get executed. This is however not a solution for me. In the Service it does get executed only the first time after publishing a new release.


Power BI didn't have that behaviour before the September 2020 release.

Probably it has something to do with the new Power Query M parameters. Hower this preview option isn't availlable for Azure SQL databases.


This dicates me to stay on the August release, and I don't want to get behind with new releases.

I tested the November release as well.


Can someone look in to this please, it's realy important for me and my clients.

Thanks in advance,


Frank Goossens

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When using the connector, try to specify SQL statement in the Advanced options instead of using the Navigator dialog.

Advocate IV



I've always specified my SQL statements using the advanced options.

Like I said, until August everything worked well, from PBI Desktop September it takes minutes to open my file.

My SQL statements don't get a filter (report filter) from Power BI Desktop nor the Service when opening the first time.