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Power BI Desktop randomly changes font size to minimal

The following never happened before November 2021 update. Afther the update, while I'm working with a report page, some text elements randomly (e.g. when another visual selected) changes visible font size to minimal. Then (after some clicks on the page visuals) back to normal. It happenes at least with the following: card visual data label, line and stacked column chart axis Y (both, left and right). The problem probably related to the fact that all visuals on the page are grouped into groups (on the Selection pane).





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Hi All,

In the latest update of this ICM, this issue has been fixed, you can go to have a check.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
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Would you like to post a download link of the pbix file with this issue without the sensitive data if it’s possible and we can help you to check if it’s an existing issue in the Power BI?


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Thank for the answer. I've made an extract from the report with just a couple of visuals and no data and I still can reproduce the problem. This is the .pbix file:

And this is the video

See what happens with Axis Y at 0:02 (just for a moment) and then at 0:37 and 1:46, 1:55.

In my report it also happens with multiple card visuals (data labels of the card visuals). In a group of cards it affects randomly from one to all cards.

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This is the case for me as well.

Now, I'm working with a previous version of PBI desktop 😕 in order solve this issue.

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I have the same issue. X and Y axis font sizes jump up and down in card visual (callout value font size), line chart and clustered column chart visual. 

This behavior came with November 2021 update and I'm seeing it in the published reports as well. Prior to the November update there were no "jumping" of font sizes.

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I have the same issue when visiting the report server on Microsoft Edge version 96.0.1054.29 in a Windows Server 2019. However, I experience no issues when I visit the same report server on Microsoft Edge version 93.0.961.52 in a Windows 10 Enterprise client. So the issue might be related to either the version of the browser or the operating system.

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Hi everyone!


For the same unpleasant issue I've also was looking since last Monday for a solution.

On my report I face the opposite the Data&Axis labels are enlarged just by passing over a chart with the mouse cursor without any clicks.

Just ti make sure about my changes on the pBIx file, I have also checked other collegues published reports and I found the same phenomenom.


What I found so far that can lead to this was the Pages used resolution 16:9, that I've made the reports on might get into a conflict in Power BI service by having the Fit to Page as default View Mode selected.

If I set the View Mode to Fit to Actual then the issue is no longer manifesting, but in the same time the overall report size is not the desired one and the View Mode is really needed for other Clients Screen sizes proper Fitting as well.


Please support with this "new/unforseen" challenge.



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I have reported this issue internally, ICM: 274100968


I will update here once I get any information.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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I have the same issue with many visuals since the last updating:




That happens in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

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Hi all, in my case is oposite. When I go with mouse over the visuals, they enlarged. 


When I open report in Chrome it is ok.


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Same here. Card visuals are changing font size randomly it seems. 


Edit: I can confirm what @MihaiAD said, the problem seems to be with the Page View setting. If I change the Page View to be "Actual Size", the problem goes away, but when I change it back to my prefered "Fit To Page", the problem returns.