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Power BI Desktop leaves background processes open when opening pbix with link to invalid data source

Aiming to post a possible bug report in the correct place. Please inform me if it should be posted elsewhere, and if so, where to post instead. The following was experienced while developing a Power BI report linked to a separate Power BI data model.


Since I found a workaround I don't need advice or help, but I wish to report this since I think it may be a bug in Power BI Desktop Version: 2.85.681.0 64-bit (september 2020).

Issue description:
When attempting to open a not yet published pbix file containing a Power BI report with a link to a published and renamed (i.e. considered non-existing/invalid) data model, the window for selecting a valid data model is never shown (see Case 1 below) and the application "freezes" before starting entirely.

This causes a Power BI Desktop background process, locking the pbix file, to keep running even though the Power BI Desktop application itself is closed/forced to close.

Unfortunately, I didn't note the exact error messages along the way of tracking the error.

Case 1:
After double-clicking a pbix file located in OneDrive from the Windows Explorer, the Power BI Desktop application began to start, showing a pop-up with a warning that the data model link was incorrect.

In the same pop-up window, I then clicked "Edit" in order to change to the correct data model, but the expected window for selecting a data model was never presented. This resulted in an application that did not start properly and stayed in a "frozen" state.

In order to make another attempt I had to force the application to close.
The steps above was repeated a few times.

Case 2:
I started the Power BI Desktop application, browsed to the pbix file on OneDrive and opened it from there.
The same message pop-up appeared regarding the link to an incorrect data model. In the pop-up message window I clicked "Edit" and I was then actually presented with a window for selecting a valid data model, which was done successfully, and the report opened. When I tried to save the report/pbix file, a message appeared that said that the file cannot be saved since it "is already open in Power BI Desktop or another application".

After some searching I found that each attempt, as described in Case 1 above, started a background process that remained running even after forcing to close the "frozen" Power BI Desktop application.


When trying to save the pbix file, as described in Case 2 above, it resulted in failure because of the background processes left from Case 1, since each process had the pbix file locked.


There are two problems main problems as I see it:

1) The window for selecting data model was never presented in Case 1.

2) The reamining background processes, which was a result of the fact that I had to force close the "frozen" Power BI Desktop application. Maybe it is not possible to avoid remaining background processes when force closing an application?


Best regards,


P.S. There is no entirely correct "Idea labels" for submitting issues or bugs regarding the Power BI Desktop application D.S.

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Community Support

@Mrtnkbg ,


Please check if power bi desktop has been updated to the latest version. If this issue persists, I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

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Jimmy Tao