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Power BI Desktop is defaulting to Catalan despite Windows language set to English

I've recently opened Power BI Desktop on my computer only to find the entire interface has been changed to Catalan. I am using the Microsoft Store version.


A quick check of the settings window shows that the application language is set to "Utilitza l'idioma predeterminat del Windows" - Use Windows default display language - but my Windows is set to use English (United Kingdom), and English (Spanish) long before Catalan.


I have forced the language to english, but it should not be ignoring the windows setting.


2018-09-09 18_05_39-.pngPower BI is set to use Windows Default Display Language (Utilitza l'idioma prederminat del Windows)2018-09-09 18_23_37-Microsoft Edge.pngMy language and regional settings. My display language is set to English (United Kingdom)

Status: New

Hi @Moof,


Windows store Power BI desktop interface language should match the current windows language according to this article:


Would you please restart the computer then reopen the Windows store Power BI desktop to see if it displays in English?


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu