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Power BI Desktop has incorrectly tagged fields as Identity Fields. How do I fix?


Identity field: Fields with this icon are unique fields, set to show all values, even if they have duplicates. For example, your data might have records for two different people named 'Robin Smith', and each will be treated as unique. They won't be summed.


Sometimes Desktop guess correctly and other times not so much.  I have text fields in a table that Power BI Desktop thinks are Identity Fields but are not. 

  1. Not all the values in the column are unique, such as you would generall find with an ID Number.  
  2. Only happened to columns of Text and not Number.
  3. I know there are no hidden characters or spaces because I did Clean and Trim in Power Query Online to create the data flow and before loading to Desktop. 
  4. The fields are not part of any relationship between any tables. 
  5. There are no measures that rely on these fields (not being counted, etc.).
  6. The name of the fields are not similar to the fields that are correctly tagged as Identify Fields. 
  7. Happens to a field in a few of my many tables in the same model.
  8. There are some tables with unique ID fields that Desktop did not tag as Identity Fields.  That does not seem to have a negative impact.


The problems is when I place an incorrectly tagged Identity Field in a Slicer, it shows every value, not just the unique values.  How do I tell Desktop to stop thinking a field is an Identity Field?


I have a Pro license.  My data started in a Dataflow in Power BI Service.  I then used Power Query in Desktop to bring the Dataflow in and load into my model.  I then Publish my model to Power BI Service to created a Dataset.

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You may try adding an additional calculated column.