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Power BI Desktop crashes - This report ran out of memory, and the application must close

I'm having recurring Power BI Desktop crashes, starting with the September update. The message is: 


Unexpected Error

We're sorry. This report ran out of memory, and the application must close.


Windows Task Manager shows a few GB of free memory. It's happening on multiple files, while I'm editing the report pages.  I've sent in a crash report, I also have saved all the dumps.

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@mike_honey ,


I couldn't reproduce your issue. Please make sure power bi is the latest version. In addtion, if this issue persists, I would suggest you create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao

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I am also encountering the same issue of repeated crashes after the message:

"This report ran out of memory, and the application must close".
Any pointers? I am losing unsaved work because of this. 
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I am seeing the same issue so many times after upgrade for Mar 2020 version, is there a solution?

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Good morning,
In the December version the same thing happens to me. I tried to update to the latest version but it was worse I couldn't even load the data the error was out memory.
Do you need to configure any memory space inside the power bi?

My computer i7 with 16 gb memory.
Thank you.

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I'm having the same issue. Any solution yet? 


Error Loading data in PBI .png

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I'm facing the same issue with the April 2020 version and I cant stand it.

I have lost so much data, its nuts, it keeps closing out.

I was on the Spetember 2019 version and the same report worked perfectly fine then.

This week, I had the IT update to newest version as there was a feature update,Our IT updates our PowerBi every few months and I don't know if I can work with this April version of PowerBI for the next few months.


Isane, this is how you loose customers, Tableau never gave such issues. 


Please help 

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Same issue, it's been a while since I am getting an error message as 

"Something went wrong

We're sorry. This report ran out of memory, and application must close."

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Yeah I also noticed similar issues in recent weeks. Back to the "good old days" of hitting Save after almost every task ...


I think we can expect this any time there is a major Microsoft conference. I imagine there is intense pressure on the Power BI Dev team to deliver a list of announceables (including a Power BI Desktop release), on a hard date.


It seems to be running a bit better since I updated to the build dated 2020-05-21. Also that terrible new "Working on it ..." lag that occurs any time you add or edit a measure seems to pass by a bit quicker on this build.  

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Please confirm if anyone has found resolution.I am still facing same issue and unable to open the PBIX file os 165MB from POWERBI desktop and error screenshot as follows:



It is imapcting all my reports badly , Please shared resolution if any ASAP.

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@Anonymous check your build of Power BI Desktop is the latest. The version first released for "October" seemed quite buggy, the 27 October silent update seems a bit better.

Also a file that size will need quite a lot of free RAM (e.g. 8GB free) to open and use successfully.