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Power BI Desktop crash with Live connection

When working on a report 'connected live to the PBI dataset' everytime I hit refresh the desktop instance freezes and have to force close/open PBI. Is this a known bug?


On the May 2021 release and have noticed this for a while in previous releases. There are sometimes it works, but majority of the time not. 



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I am having the same issue.  Microsoft store or separately installed .exe doesn't matter.  If you stop actively working in power bi and come back after a few minutes it locks up.  Power BI is essentially unusable for me now.  We will have to start using another bi tool or waste hours a day closing using ctrl-alt-delete and checking the restored version has all the latest changes.  I've used a lot of BI tools and haven't experienced one (free or paid) that caused this level of disruption in workflow.  These types of issues shouldn't be happening when you have a premium workspace!


The only thing I have noticed is that there is a Microsoft edge task running in the background using the GPU continuously when power bi is frozen.  This doesn't appear to always be the case when it is running normally.  

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I also struggle with this issue - any report using a live connection freezes after a while, forcing the use of task manager (other colleagues have the same problem). We're having to restart Power BI Desktop 4-5 times a day at least. We keep losing work as all files freeze, even those not using a live connection. I love Power BI but really not enjoying it at the moment.

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I've been having this problem for the past few months, tried switching back from WebView2 to CefSharp with no luck. Have been hitting save after every operation just in case. We are using a P1 Premium Capacity and the issue does not seem to be tied to Premium Capacity load.

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Had this exact problem since desember/januar. Its extremly frustrating and needs to be fixed.

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Hopefully this is good news. During my call for support today, the agent confirmed that the product team has picked this up and is working on it.  He was hopeful that a fix would be available in the March update. Standard disclaimers about delivery apply and I'm still providing data as it is requested.  


Hopefully this means we're inching closer to a resolution!

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I installed the March update today and it seemed more stable until I published an update to the live dataset (updating some measures) and then a second time when I performed a refresh on the dataset (no changes to the model itself)


I've reported it to support.

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Looking to see if anyone else is seeing better results with the March release.

Since my post on Friday support sent me a 'private' build which after install I could not get to launch at all.  I uninstalled it and then reinstalled the March update (Version: 2.103.661.0 64-bit (March 2022)). 


During that support session we did a refresh of the model my report was connected and it did not hang up as it had on Friday.


After that session, yesterday afternoon I left a live-connected report open for several hours and when I came back I tried doing a simple slicer value change and it did not lock up on me.  

Want to do more testing, but this much so far is promising. 

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@jnickell Just want to say THANKS for the continued status updates and for taking the time to go deep on this issue with MS for the benefit of the rest of us!

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I have not tested it yet.   Although no mention of this fix was made in the main blog post, I am wondering if there are more detailed release notes somewhere that include bug fixes etc?

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The March Update seems more stable to me with less frequent crashes.


However, when I just tried a "Refresh" after a long time of idleness, the freeze happens again.


So a little bit better but no definitive fix, unfortunately...