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Power BI Desktop crash with Live connection

When working on a report 'connected live to the PBI dataset' everytime I hit refresh the desktop instance freezes and have to force close/open PBI. Is this a known bug?


On the May 2021 release and have noticed this for a while in previous releases. There are sometimes it works, but majority of the time not. 



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@BIConsultant I don't have anything of consequence to report. 
So far my conversations with support have been to switch from the Microsoft Store version of PBI Desktop to the "EXE" version and then to update to the Feb release.  I've been able to reproduce the "situation" but no actual error in each case. 

Support is saying that because there's no actual "error message" it's difficult to provide break/fix support.  

I would note that today is possibly worse due to this:
Data Load Failures and Reports Spinning - Page 3 - Microsoft Power BI Community

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Hi all


I think I may have found a workaround to this issue.  I have tried changing the auto recovery time period in my Power BI Desktop global options to 2 minutes.


I have not encountered the hanging situation since doing this.  Suggest others try the same and see what you find.




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I may have spoken too soon...since posting I have just encountered another hanging 😒

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Hi all,

I have been suffering from the same issue, when using PBI dataset in live connection, PBI desktop freezes and I need stop the program using Task Manager. 


I noticed today that Micrsoft Edge WebView2 component is using CPU when PBI desktop freezes. Hopefully this helps a little bit in this case. And fix for this is definitely needed!

Edit: the WebView2 component was under Power BI desktop process. 

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I am continuing to work with support. I provided a Fiddler trace of the issue happening last night.  The lack of an actual 'error' message is complicating the support process.

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This hoppens to me all the time and has since December/November. 

it is a hughe problem, because we recommend working with a dataset and report in two different files, as part of a better governance. 


it happens for me on both PPU and pro workspaces. And on a daily basis probably 2-5 times per day. 

please Microsoft look into this 

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This "hanging" / "freezing" happens to me (and other work colleagues) a lot also!

Mostly, after some idle time, working with a live connection.

It has happened

  • with both the Microsoft Store version and also the dedicated installer version of Power BI
    (currently both February 2022)
  • connecting to different datasets on different tenants

Maybe a timeout issue where Power BI Desktop ends in an endless loop or waiting forever?


Please find a way to fix this, as it is really impacting efficiency when working on Power BI Reports!

Resolver I

Has anyone identified a 'sure fire' way to trigger this?  I'm continuing to work with support, but the Fiddler trace apparently didn't give them any more information.  They would like to do another meeting to look at the issue, but I don't know if I can produce it "on demand".  

Yesterday I had it happen in the middle of working with a live connected report. I had not been idle and while the live-connected report hung, the other Power BI file that is connected only to dataflows was able to continue working after I killed the live connected one.   While the live connected report was hung, I couldn't do anything in either Power BI file

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@v-syr   @v-xul     Is anyone from Microsoft listening?   More and more users are commenting on this and I've seen no feedback from Microsoft.  


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I am having the exact same problem also. One way I can replicate it is by doing the following steps:


1. Power BI desktop connected Live to a dataset in the service

2. Refresh the dataset through

3. Click on the refresh button in Power BI desktop

4. Power BI desktop hangs


I hope this helps and I agree with the rest of those that posted this is a really frustrating issue since it has the potential of losing work. 


The same issue happens in Excel too when connected to a Power BI dataset but after accepting the "Connection aborted" error message Excel recovers. I think that they are related issues.