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Power BI Crashing when editing Power Query Scripts

I have found over the last 2-4 weeks (don't recall when it first started, however it was prior to the June 2019 relase) that Power BI Desktop is crashing and closing when I edit a M Script. This seems to be constant across multiple files that I am working on. 


I have tried a few times to upgrade to the latest build. I just updated to build 2.70.5494.761 and this error is still occuring.


I get a text file called 'debug' that gets generated that contains.

[0619/115733.523:ERRORSmiley] NtQuerySystemInformation SystemExtendedHandleInformation: The specified information record length does not match the length required for the specified information class. (0xc0000004)


When this occurs I get this pop-up that goes away after a second and doesn't populate with any text.


Error Popup.PNG

Status: New
Community Support Team



I can not reproduce the issue. To get faster and better technical support for this issue, you may directly create a support ticket.


This seems to be an inconstent issue that I am facing and therefore I cannot reproduce this error consistently (Sorry - I should have indicated this in my original post)

Can you point me to any useful resources that explain what NtQuerySystemInformation SystemExtendedHandleInformation means.

Something I 'think' seems to reproduce this issue more consistently is by closing the M Editor quickly. When I delay the closing it seems to be much more reliable.