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Power BI App shows duplicated pages


PowerBI App is showing duplicate pages from a report as shown in the screenshot below. Must annoying when trying to create an easy to navigate app for first time users!


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@Anonymous ,


I have made a test but could not reproduce your issue. The report page is not duplicate on my side. Please clear the browser cache and check again. If this issue persists, please create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao

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I've noticed the same issue also for some apps, not all.

An easy fix I found is to exclude that specific report from the app and then re adding it again to the app.

Has worked for all the apps that I tried it on.



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Thank you @HenkeChen that worked. It's a pain but good that there is a work around

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This is happening to our organization as well. Republishing the app with the report "hidden" then replublishing it un-hidden fixes the program temporarily, but we've seen it happen again on the apps we've tried this with. Is there any fix in the works? This work-around is causing a lot of issues due to the number of reports we have published. 

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We have a report doing the same thing - duplicate tabs in the App but not in the workspace.  The duplicates remain even after Updating the App. 


Will try the above suggestion to hide report and Update App again, just wondering if this is a known issue?


Edit: Tried to hide and republish and did not correct. 


Thank you!

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I'm having the same issue as well on several of my reports. I tried excluding/including reports back to the app but that did not work for me. 

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Hi i have the same issue.

All reports have all pages duplicated.



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Hi, I have the same issue.

I can't publish again the report since I can't access the server from home.

Is there a workarounf for that?