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Power BI Admin Portal - Can't Add Groups to Workspaces

Although we can add Azure AD groups to Workspaces normally, you're not able to add Azure AD groups to Workspaces through the Admin Portal.  This is compounded by the fact that 'Add-PowerBIWorkspaceUser' has the same issue, where you can't add in AD groups.  Please help in addressing these bugs.  

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I'm facing the same issue. +1

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Thanks for the response.  In our case we can't use the API, and that's only a workaround for broken functionality.  We're posting this here to get Microsoft's attention on it, and hopefully get these issues fixed.  We've experienced a number of issues with administratoring this environment (constantly hitting API limits with PowerShell calls, even with minutes of sleep statements, the Newtonsoft.JSON Power BI PowerShell issue, amongst others).  We've put in a couple of cases, but it doesn't seem to get the Product Teams attention on how buggy its been.