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Potential bug with native "map" visual and bubbles disappearing in certain conditions

Seems like the native "Map" visual has a problem with the Legend affecting the display of "bubbles"; the table passed to legend seems to get cut off / truncated somehow under certain conditions.


I encountered this problem with the map visual in one of my projects and I slowly tore down each aspect of the project thinking it had something to do with a relationship, measure or calculated column I was using somewhere. Ultimately I reduced the entire thing to a simple 3 column table with no relationships and it's still happening.


I have a table with 3 columns representing Towns and Counties in the state of Massachusetts: Town, County and TownFullAddr. Here is the first 3 rows for an example:


AbingtonPlymouthAbington, MA, USA 02351
ActonMiddlesexActon, MA, USA 01718
AcushnetBristolAcushnet, MA, USA 02743


The whole table is 361 rows. A few towns are repeated due to another column I had which I deleted, which would have made all the rows unique. But the same problem occurred in either situation. The problem is as follows:


1. I have "TownFullAddress" set to "Location". This creates a "bubble" for each town in the state. It works fine.

2. I then set "Town" to the "Legend". This color codes the bubbles so towns each have a unique color. So far so good.

3. As soon as I try to set "County" to "ToolTips", all of a sudden a bunch of the bubbles disappear. Strangely, if I remove that and assign it to "Latitude" or "Longitutde" (just as a test, I know it makes no sense), the same thing happens - bubbles disappear. When this happens you can also have the legend display on a side of the map, and when you scroll down you'll see the entires stop at a certain letter, looks like the legend isn't honoring all the data in the table for some reason. If you then make a simple table visual with the same column you just tried to apply to legend, all the entries then appear in the that table, but still don't appear in the map as bubbles. If you click on one of the "missing" entries in the table, it will then all of a sudden show in the map visual and zoom/focus to that one (previously missing) bubble.

4. If I use "County" as the legend, no bubbles disappear. It's only when I use "Town" as legend and "TownFullAddress" as Location. When those two are true, any column I try to apply to "Latitude", "Longitude", "Bubble Size", or "ToolTips" causes a large portion of the bubbles to disappear.


Can anyone explain why this happens?

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Community Support

Hi kcsteele,


You may take a look at Apply data-point limits and strategies by visual type.

Helper I

Hi v-chuncz-msft,


Thanks for the tip. I have since moved onto the ArcGIS visual which did not have this problem. However, if I have time I will see if I can follow any of that guidance and fix the issue with the native map visual. Thanks again for your help!