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Possible bug in defining start/stop values for y-axis

Number range specified for Y-axis of bar graph appears fine in Desktop but not when published

Have specified a range of numbers on the y-axis from minus-8 to 8, jumping by intervals of 2. This is in accordance with established graphic standards for my organization. In the Desktop working file I got what you see below, which is perfect.


I did this in Power BI Desktop by formatting the y-axis using these settings: 


But when I Published the visualization and embedded it into my web page I got this:


Where did all the numbers go? Why is it only showing a -5 to 5 range, rather than the -8 to 8 range specified?


After posting this in the community chats in order to get some assitence (rookie, here!), a very helpful individual suggested this might be a bug-thing, since he replicated what I was experiencing. Not sure if this is how it's done (again, rookie!) but thought I'd take a shot. 😉

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hi  @wadden0032 

to my knowledge, this is a normal phenomenon.

although you set a range of numbers on the y-axis from minus-8 to 8, if the height is not high enough for the visual, the visual will automatically adjust the scale for Y-axis.

It will happen not only in power bi service, and also in power bi desktop.

for exanple:




It not available that set custom scale for Y-axis in power bi for now. here are idea, you could vote for them:



So for your case, you could increase the height for this visual when you embedded it into your web page





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Thank you, Lin for your response.


I must say, as graphic designer, the lack of control offered in Power BI over basic layout considerations is baffling, and thoroughly frustrating.


I have tried to apply your solution, but I had to make the chart so very tall it looked ridiculous. And once published, it still cut off the numbers on the y-axis at the -5/+5 range.


I then tired to remove the numbers altogether (so only the lines would be visible) thinking the numbers would display when hovering over each bar. But when you remove the numbers, the lines go away, too, and that's also a non-starter.


So I thank you again for your advice, but I’ve going to have to find another work-around.


I did vote on the two links you sent—maybe this will be addressed eventually, but likely too late for my needs.


Have a great day,