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Possible Bug in LOOKUPVALUE function for RLS



I wrote logic using the LOOKUPVALUE function that uses an email and location as a key value, and looks for the location in a dimension table that's related with bi-directional cross-filtering. Some of my users are seeing data from locations that they don't belong to -- and thus, shouldn't be seeing. Is this a known issue, or what could be causing it? This issue doesn't occur when email alone is the key.

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Could you please provide a sample which can be used to repro it? A PBIX file or some source data should be OK.


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I can't really provide the actual report here, as it contains protected data, but I attached screenshots. So, I'm currently viewing the report as someone from Jacksonville. As you can see, though, the access table returned another person's email and location from another city, as well. Although the location table filtered correctly, I can occasionally see data from both Providence as well as Jacksonville. I also included the formula; when I omit location as a secondary condition, the problem goes away, but when it is included I can't be sure that inappropriate data won't be returned. Using the fully-qualified name doesn't seem to help either.access_table.pngDAX formula.pngdata_model.png

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Apologies for the double-post; this is from an older version of the report. Although the screenshot shows single-direction filtering, changing the relationships to filter in both directions had no effect, and I still had this problem.




Since you only want to filter location with user email, why did you add location column in the lookupvalue expression? It seems to be unnecessary.

I also tried in my side with a simple sample but not repro the issue you posted above.

Possible Bug in LOOKUPVALUE function for RLS_1.jpg


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Hi Herbert,


I wrote it that way because I have users who need to see multiple locations, and there are too many users to go with a more fixed model. During testing, we had a similar problem -- it seemed fine, but when it went into use we started having that problem. Thanks again for your assistance.

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I am trying apply row level security in power bi desktop file.

Created 2 different roles  : Area, Region

When area level employees login into power BI dashboard they can see  area level data.

When region level employees login into power bi dashboard they can see regional data.

In our dashboard without applying row level security and trying to play with slicers area and region . Data looks good.

The moment applied row level security at area or region level. Data mismatching we loosing couple of records.


Example : Below Donut chart shown number of FCRs and Employee count.

Region slicer selection :  Delta

Number of FCRs : 0 - 1

Number of FCRs : 1- 12-3

Number of FCRs : 3-2




Applied row level security  at the Region level :

Region :   Delta

Number of FCRs : 0

Number of FCRs : 1-10

Number of FCRs : 2-3

Number of FCRs : 3-2

Here we are missing the Number of FCRS “0 ” and  mistached the data.



Can you any one having similar issue with row level security.