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Plan refresh failed, manual refresh is possible

The regular refresh update failed, other reports using the same data source can be refreshed normally, the following is my error message

DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult: -2147467259
Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.DataSourceKind: MySql
Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.DataSourcePath: ********; ******
Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.ErrorCode: -2147467259
Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Message: Fatal error encountered during data read.
Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Reason: DataSource.Error
Cluster URI:
Event ID: bf6e98f1-d9e8-4cba-93cd-d9eb0756808e
Question ID: 119f5f0e-f1ef-4d51-b942-1180764504c4
Time: 2021-09-18 00:26:23Z

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You may take a look at Troubleshoot refresh scenarios and check if there is any timeout issue.