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Pinned visual changes background

We observed some erratic behavior in Power BI Service while pinning a visual to a dashboard. The background color of the pinned visual (not the background color of the entire tile) changed to dashboard's background color. That has never happened before. We investigated the issue by playing with the visual formatting options, but nothing helped. Then we just unpinned and pinned the visual again multiple times and re-published the report in the meantime. Suddenly, it worked - the pinned visual kept it's intended background color. A rather annoying experience.
We're not using JSONs are any other special formatting options.

This is clearly a bug / product deficiency. Apparently, many users have been complaining about that since at least 2018. Please investigate that.

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A similar issue has been reported internally. 

CRI 237547654


Background value from visual in report won't be respected in dashboard when the visual is pinned.

It has never been supported.

The reason is that - unlike other properties, visual background is a property of visual container element (instead of visual element) which is specific to report.


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Hi @v-chuncz-msft. The above statement contradicts my experience. We have a dashboard with grey background. We've been able to pin visuals with white background to that dashboard for months without any issues. Until recently - last time we pinned a new visual, it lost its white background and "inherited" dashboard's grey background. Then, the white background of the tile was suddenly back, for no apparent reason (as I described in my first post).