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Personal bookmark removes conditional formatting

Hello, there seems to be an issue when using a dashboard online where when the user sets a personal bookmark and then clicks on the personal bookmark, the conditional formatting on the visual is removed. 

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I tried the latest version to publish a report and it seems to be working fine.

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@v-chuncz-msft Hello,


I just updated to the latest version of power BI and republished the report and it is still doing the same thing when setting a personal bookmark. I am also using personalization on this report so I'm not sure if that affects it. Basically the process is as follows: the user personalizaes a matrix visual that has conditional formatting (usually just adds or re-orders columns), they then set a personal bookmark - at this point the conditional formatting will still be there, but then whenever they go to the bookmarks dropdown in the top righthand corner and click on that new bookmark, the conditional formatting goes away. I have recreated this on 2 different reports.


Thank you