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Per-Report Control of Data Export Not Working Properly

According to this post:

the desired behavior can be set in the report. We had the pbix file set to summarized AND underlying data. However, after spending an hour or more troubleshooting why the underlying option was grayed out, I discovered that upon publishing, the report does not hold this setting. Once published on it defaults to summarized only. Then, I finally discovered the setting on the service and changed it there to include both options and it worked! This euphoria was shortlived; however, as the users then discovered the underlying data is quite different than it was previously. For example, there are fields missing; so now, this does not meet their needs.
On top of this, after an hour or so, I went back to check the settings in trying to address this new issue and the report setting on was set back to summarized data only. What the heck?!?!? How did this happen? I had a user verify the underlying data option was indeed grayed out. I did not change this setting. What is going on Microsoft? Too many bugs in the last couple weeks. I've wasted too much time on issues that are still not resolved and I'm receiving no help with a premier ticket entered over a week ago. 

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Try the latest version of Power BI Desktop and take a good look at Export the data used to create the visualization.


@v-chuncz-msft  I am already on the July version of Power BI and have checked all the settings. In reading the link you provided, this makes it look like anyone with Read permission was also given Build permission, AND it looks like we have to give Build permission for them to export underlying data??? We want them to be able to export, but we don't want them to be able to edit the report or the dataset.

"More granular permissions

Power BI introduced the Build permission in June 2019 as a complement to the existing permissions, Read and Reshare. All users who already had Read permission for datasets via app permissions, sharing, or workspace access at that time also got Build permissions for those same datasets. They got Build permission automatically because Read permission already granted them the right to build new content on top of the dataset, by using Analyze in Excel or Export.

With this more granular Build permission, you can choose who can only view the content in the existing report or dashboard and who can create content connected to the underlying datasets.

If your dataset is being used by a report outside the dataset workspace, you can't delete that dataset. Instead, you see an error message.

You can remove build permissions. If you do, the people whose permissions you have revoked can still see the report, but can no longer edit the report."