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Parameter descriptions disappearing


I have this issue with parameter descriptions.

The tooltips are visible in modify mode, e.g.:


but If I go in edit mode, the description field is empty:


If I connect to the .pbix file in Tabular Editor, the Description attribute of the Parameter object shows the proper text:



If I edit it, the change is saved in the 'local' copy of the datamodel in Tabular Editor, but then PBI can't save the changes in the .pbix file.

If I export the .pbix as a .pbit, then the descriptions completely disappear:


Thank you


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Community Support



I tried the latest version of Power BI Desktop and can see the description. You may leave a comment on GitHub.


Resolver I

I confirm the disappearance of parameters description. I have the same issue.

Version: 2.87.1061.0 64-bit (November 2020)

Regular Visitor

We are having the same issue as well. Only the bottom one of six parameters the description when in the Power BI Service OnlyMissingParameters.png