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Paginated report using Power BI Dataset reports Analysis Server error (even tho I don't have one)

I have a paginated report that uses a "Power BI Dataset connection". I can run it fine on the desktop and on the service. But when I share the report with some of my users (who also have access to the underlying dataset) they get this error:


Could not connect to the data source.

There was an error communicating with Analysis Services. Please verify that the data source is available and your credentials are correct. The connection either timed out or was lost.
Here's the thing.. I know the error isn't related to Analysis Server connection, because I don't have one. What I discoverd was if I made the user a Member of the workspace (ie owner of the report) then the error was resolved. If tried lowering the access to viewer, but it didn't work. 
I other paginated reports deployed and all I had to do was share them, worked fine. Those reports don't use a Power BI Dataset connection so I assume that's the issue ?
Please fix this defect or at least advise of a workaround. I don't want to grant my users elevated access just to run this report. 
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You may check if it is a classic workspace.

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Thanks for the idea, but you can't promote the paginated reports to classic workspaces. It's a premium workspace. 

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I found a workaround. As well as Read access to the Dataset I can grant them Build access. It means I have to give that user access to the entire Dataset, not just the information exposed on the report. But it's better than giving them access to all the reports in the workspace (which is what happened when I made them a member of the workspace).


I looked up the permission


Is it supposed to be the case that this permission needs to be granted ? Or is that part of CRI 149496582 or a similar defect ? If it is supposed to be granted, can I suggest that you make that limitation of using reports more wildly known as it was very difficult to find. I'm not sure I want my users to have that permission, it lets them do far more than just run my report.