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Pages with Multiple Toggle Areas

I use a lot of toggles on bookmarks to toggle different visuals. (Not a filter because the visuals are different and use different fields)


Here is an example:


When you go onto the page Toggle A is selected for Image 1 and Toggle A is selected on Image 2. So this would be on Bookmark 1. The correct visuals would be shown and hidden.


Normally I would have 1 panel on a page and bookmarks to go with each Toggle accordingly which is pretty simple to set up.


However there are two panels. I dont want to have to have a bookmark for each combination of toggle selected. That would be way too complicated.


Someone suggested using the Selected Visuals rather than all visuals, but it just doesnt work. Its an unworkable solution and is incredibly over complicated to do


The dream would be to have page sections. Is there anyway of doing this? Again, they arent simple filters (Set to not interact with the visual they dont belong too) because the visuals and fields change.

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Hi @DebbieE


I'm afraid you need to use bookmark features. For more information, please see:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Established Member

Im already using bookmarks? The problem is that you cant have multiple toggle panes. You can only have one.