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PBIRS January 2020 wrong link for PBI Desktop download and no ProductInfo

We've just updated our customer's servers to the latest version of Power BI Report Server (January 2020).


The build version is correct (checked from the Report Server Manager) and also a bug we discovered in the previous version seems to be fixed, so far so good.

But now we discovered 2 new issues:


- The link to download Power BI Desktop from the PBIRS portal is wrong because it's still pointing to the September 2019 version of the client ( In the past our customer users were taught to use that link in the portal to download the correct version of the client and it would be much easier rather than sending all the correct one.




- It seems the update didn't add any new entry in the ProductInfo, in fact I can only past updates



Is anybody facing the same issues?

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Frequent Visitor

We just updated our test server to January 2020 and noticed the same problem. I found the correct link on the Microsoft Download Center:

Regular Visitor

The same happened in our case. Any hints on how to replace the wrong link with proper one?

Helper I

We've searached for the specific line of code that creates that link and we've tried to change it directly inside the .dll file but obviously it didn't work.


The only valid option we found is to create a report where to insert the link.



Helper I
Regular Visitor

@R1k91  thanks for sharing, it is a nice workaround. 🙂

Regular Visitor

Looks like you can update this link in the following file:


Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Report Server\PBIRS\Portal\Microsoft.ReportingServices.Portal.Web.dll

Helper I

@wbmarshall have you already tested your solution successfully? It didn't work for us.