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PBI JS API Filtering Error

I have had embedded reports using the PBI Javascript API working for years now. All of a sudden, I am getting an "Uncaught Error" in the browser console saying "Filter property is invalid". I have tried work arounds (like applying filters after report is rendered) but without success. 

Status: New
Community Support Team



You may check Constructing Filters and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.




my current filter object looks like this:


var IamAFilter = {
$schema: "",
target: {
table: "Customers",
column: "CustomerParseName"
operator: "In",
values: [txtEmbedReportCPN],
filterType: 1


But, I have also tried using the constructors found in the JS Wiki you've sent. 

For example:

var IamAFilter: 

var IamAFilter: pbi.models.IBasicFilter = {...};
const IamAFilter: pbi.models.IBasicFilter = {...};
var IamAFilter: models.IBasicFilter = {...};
const IamAFilter: models.IBasicFilter = {...};
var IamAFilter: models.BasicFilter = {...};
const IamAFilter: models.BasicFilter = {...};

 I'm so stuck doing this trial and error because of the inconsistent js wiki documentation.