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PBI Desktop publish not working / PBI Service .pbix upload removes backgrounds

Hi everonye,


starting today morning I seem to have an issue with publishing from the PBI Desktop. It just exists when I try to replace an existing report and when I try to publish, it just seems to keep loading. I've left it for like 20-30 minutes, tried loggin out and in in PBI Desktop, restarting my computer but nothing seems to be working.


So I figured, since I can't publish from Desktop, maybe I can upload a pbix in Service - what happens then is that it removes backgrounds - like there's no trace of it. After uploading and thus replacing a report in workspace, the backgrounds simply disappear. I can still see the references while editing the report but even after downloading a .pbix they won't appear in Desktop. 


Can you help fix that or suggest some workaround?

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@SandhyaS I have literally done absolutely nothing. I guess they fixed something, but your issue sounds way more serious IMO since I had only "republishing problem" while you sound like most of your service as well as desktop's not working... 

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Hi Lucas,


Thanks for quick response. 

Yes mine is serious problem and imapcting my business critical reports.  Today Microsoft released new software version I have downloaded but still bug I am facing is not resolved.



Sandhya Subramanyam.


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I had to remove some of the constant lines I added using Analytics. The Y axix on the reports with the constant lines were skewed badly. Also a few of my reports did not refresh this morning at all.

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Mine is working again this morning too.

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Mine starting working; There was a posting temporarily on power bi support page.

I posted a ticket into microsoft and the tech support stated the problem was resolved.

Here is a link to the support page: 

If you are a pro user you can enter your own tickets
Message posted yesterday:


Power BI customers attempting to publish report from the Power BI Desktop client may see the following error "An error occurred while attempting to publish: The remote server returned an error:(404) Not Found". Engineers are investigating the issue and an update will be provided soon.
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Looks like the issue is back. It was working fine till couple of hours back. Do anyone of you guys face this issue ?

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Its working for me. 10/27 1145 EDT

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yes I am still facing issue with POWERBI service and POWERBI desktop both

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I've been having the same issue as well with all my reports.  Has been going on for the last couple months.

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I am also not able to publish from PB Desktop to PB Service, nor can I upload the PBX file in PB Service.  I have the latest Oct 2020 version. I do not receive any error messages, it just appears to get hung up. Has anyone had any success in finding a resolution?