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PBI Desktop publish not working / PBI Service .pbix upload removes backgrounds

Hi everonye,


starting today morning I seem to have an issue with publishing from the PBI Desktop. It just exists when I try to replace an existing report and when I try to publish, it just seems to keep loading. I've left it for like 20-30 minutes, tried loggin out and in in PBI Desktop, restarting my computer but nothing seems to be working.


So I figured, since I can't publish from Desktop, maybe I can upload a pbix in Service - what happens then is that it removes backgrounds - like there's no trace of it. After uploading and thus replacing a report in workspace, the backgrounds simply disappear. I can still see the references while editing the report but even after downloading a .pbix they won't appear in Desktop. 


Can you help fix that or suggest some workaround?

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I'm getting an error message stating the 'The remote server returned error (404) not found' when publishing to a workspace. This just started happening this morning. 


I get this when even after I deleted the original report from the service.

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Having the same issue. Started this morning. Also getting error message "server not found" after deleting report and dataset from the service and publishing it again

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same here

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the solution is change the name to the report  , so dont replace the report 

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Same issue here.

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c'mon Microsoft! I'm a week from rolling out this tool to my company.  Please fix ASAP!!! You're killing me!

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Same issue here. We tried to edit the file from the service and save - got this error message:

Something went wrong
Unable to save the report
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID: b4058b13-e61a-43f5-b2b5-729a7455383b
Request ID: e89aa2fa-dcbc-65aa-8873-af962a1542b0
Correlation ID: 030c3486-372a-0978-6f94-60580571867f
Status code: 500
Time: Mon Oct 26 2020 12:48:49 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.14553.65
Client version: 2010.2.03456-train
Cluster URI:

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Same issue here. 

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@mfrvalde If you change the name of the report it is publishing to, then any dashboards break also. Not a good solution, just a work-around.

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Our org has the same issue today as reported. I even tried to delete the existing report and republish it using the API and that's still doesn't work.


In addition, our embed pages are coming up blank.