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PBI Desktop publish not working / PBI Service .pbix upload removes backgrounds

Hi everonye,


starting today morning I seem to have an issue with publishing from the PBI Desktop. It just exists when I try to replace an existing report and when I try to publish, it just seems to keep loading. I've left it for like 20-30 minutes, tried loggin out and in in PBI Desktop, restarting my computer but nothing seems to be working.


So I figured, since I can't publish from Desktop, maybe I can upload a pbix in Service - what happens then is that it removes backgrounds - like there's no trace of it. After uploading and thus replacing a report in workspace, the backgrounds simply disappear. I can still see the references while editing the report but even after downloading a .pbix they won't appear in Desktop. 


Can you help fix that or suggest some workaround?

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I'm having the same issue this morning as well

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We have the same issue 

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We have the same issue


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Same thing. Can't seem to publish or refresh.

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Same - neither the September nor October version seem to make a difference. Any attempt to overwrite the dataset just spins slowly and forever.

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Same issue at my company

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Same here

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We are having the same issue.

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Same here, nothing on Microsoft's support page. Could not have happened on a better day. Love Mondays.

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@lucas105 depending on your report you may want to delete and publish it as new. All of my reports but one have alerts set up so it only worked with one as I do not feel like redoing to alerts (I will wait to refresh those).


For the report that the alerts are just subscriptions, I deleted the report from power bi online and published the report as a new report. It worked and all I had to do was set the subscription up again. 


Might help.