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PBI Desktop page tabs not working

Opened existing report with 5 pages using PBI Desktop.  When I click something other than the first page, the filters change, but the main body of the report doesn't!  I can't edit any other report page than the first page.

Status: New

Hi @ekongataspect


Does the issue happen with this specific report only? 

Is it possible for you to share pbix file with us to test it? If it is, please remove sensitive data in the report, upload the report to your Onedrive and paste the share link here. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu


This happens on ALL of my existing reports.


Also, when I try to create a new report, I can't drag a visualization to the main body.  I'm going to reinstall (again).


Just uninstalled and re-installed.  The issue continues with both existing reports and trying to create a new report.  The main body seems to be disconnected.  I've even changed the default location of visualizations from top of page to middle, but I just can't see any visuals that I drag onto the page.