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PBI Desktop freezes when i try to change a table name in the query editor



When i try to rename a table in the query editor, PBI freezes.

I suspect it comes while afterwards i am summarizing tables in DAX.

I am using the latest Version: 2.66.5376.1681 64-bit (Februar 2019)


The steps:

1 in the query editor i right click to rename the table (no special character). 

2 i validate the new name (Enter)

3 Close % apply

4 Get the error message below 

2019-02-19 15_12_05-Something went wrong.png


Why this error? How to avoid it?

BR, G.

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I think i found a workaround.

Basically, in my model, i later on summarize the tables in DAX.

If i "pause" this summarization with commenting the function (/*) then i am able to change the table's name in Power Query, and afterwards to update the Summarize function.

Pity that i need this workaround, and i lost some time to find this out.

BR, G.


@Ghuiles ,

Based on the above error message, there is a issue about the relationship between HFM FACT table and another table. Do you create relationship using Date column of HFM FACT table and delete the date column later? If so, you would need to delete the relationship.


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