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PBI Desktop (March 2020) map can't find Japanese City

PBI Desktop (March 2020 ) map cant find Japanese city. Map shows whole world.


PBI Desktop previous version (January 2020) map can find Japanese city, and point that city.



Abobe 2 screenshot show same pbix-file and same data.

please change map preveious vesion.

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Community Support

Hi @tetsuoasahi


I created some sample data based on your screenshots, set the data category for column [都道府県,市区町村住所], the map visual plots data points location correctly. Please test again on your side with the same settings as ours. You can also test with our sample report on your side. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Regular Visitor

Hi Yu.

I recived youe file. It is collect map.

I make file too. but my file is not collect, map shows whole world.

Your file 都道府県,市区町村住所 field have geoid icon.Tell me how to change field attribute?


Community Support

Hi @tetsuoasahi


You can set data category follow this document:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Regular Visitor

I make new file 'test_map.pbix'.


I open that file by PBI Desktop 2020/01.



Next I open that file by PBI Desktop 2020/03



Bellow points was not appeared.

・埼玉県 さいたま市大宮区

・埼玉県 所沢市北秋津

・神奈川県 横浜市中区

・千葉県 千葉市中央区

・東京都 港区芝


Why? Is "市区町村住所" fields value wrong format?