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PAGE REFRESH (Preview) - Issue with Conditional Formatting Colors

In testing the PAGE REFRESH (preview mode), the conditional formatting on the table visualization seems to be unreliable. I have a column that applies conditional formatting by color scale. At refresh, the color applied will flip to the opposite end of the spectrum (green) from what it should be (red). The color scale is based on an elapsed time field that only increases for my dataset; the field should be red. The elapsed time value itself shows correctly in the table visualization, but the color is wrong. This behavior continues when the report is deployed to the service. It occurs intermittently but fairly frequently even within say a 5 minute timespan. My refresh rate is set to 20 seconds, but the issue occurs when the refresh is at 1 minute too. I know that PAGE REFRESH is new feature that is in preview mode only. Is there anywhere I should report this issue besides this forum?

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I cannot reproduce the issue. Try using the latest version of Power BI Desktop and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.


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I think I have a workaround for my issue and in the process I narrowed down when the issue may occur.  For me, the issue occurs either 1) when the field I am displaying and utilizing for the conditional formatting is the same field and it is not a defined measure on the dataset (it's a measure only calculated within/by the visualization itself) or 2) when the field I am displaying is different than the field used for the conditional formatting of the displayed field and that conditional-formatting measure field is not included in the visualization directly (a table, in my case).


For my workaround, I added the conditional-formatting measure to the table and kind of hid it at the end of the table fields so that it does not display without scrolling.  The "display" field that is utilizing that measure now seems to show the correct formatting.


I still think this needs to be corrected or be included in caveats for the documentation somewhere.  And perhaps it is included in documentation, and I just missed it.