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Organizational Store Custom Visual can't be pinned to Dashboard



when we try to pin a Custom Visual from the Organizational Store to a Dashboard we always get the message "Sorry, can't pin the visualization yet. Please try again later. We're working on this feature. Please send us any other feedback about Power BI." It is possible to pin the same Custom Visual when it is donwnloaded from the Marketplace.

We tried it with different Custom Visuals. Also with New and Existing Dashboards or App Workspaces and MyWorkspace. Nothing works.

How can the Organizational Store be out of preview, when core Power BI concepts like Dashboarding are not supported? This would lead to the fact, that our customers can't use Custom Visuals. This is not acceptable.


2018-07-18 Organizational Store Custom Visual Add to Dashboard Error.PNGError Message Pin Custom Visual from Organizational Store




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Hi @Bastian_B,


I have tested with Heatmap custom visual but not reproduce the issue on my side. Would you please test again? 


If the issue persists, please clarify which custom visuals have the issue so we can try to reproduce it. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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I tested it with the Heatmap as well and it is not working in our tenant. I tested it for several Custom Visuals now and for some it is working. Here is the list:



Flow Map
Box and Whisker chart
Word Cloud
KPI Indicator
Bullet Chart
Image by CloudScope


Not Working:

Tornado chart
Bullet Chart by OKViz
Drill-down donut chart
Forecast using Neural Network by MAQ Software
Enlighten World Flag Slicer
Candlestick by OKViz


In the not working part there is at least one Visual developed by Microsoft (Tornatdo Chart).


Could you please test all of the not working ones.




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I forgot the Correlation plot Custom Visual is also not possible to Pin to a Dashboard (also a Microsoft developed Custom Visual)

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@v-qiuyu-msft did you check the custom visuals I posted? This is very important for us, as we will not allow Custom Visuals when they are not in the Organizational Store!!

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@v-qiuyu-msft could you at least answer what the status is? Did you check the custom visuals I posted? Did it work for you to add them to Dashboards?

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@v-qiuyu-msftAre they still working on this? We are still having the issue as well. Thanks, Erika