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Oracle Stored Procedure Not Supported?

I have a report that I am attempting to have call a stored procedure inside of an Oracle database. In order to make this as  simple as possible to debug, my SP is simply:



create or replace PROCEDURE test_proc IS 
    varOne VARCHAR2(20) := 'hello';
    varTwo VARCHAR2(20) := 'world';
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE( varOne|| ' ' || varTwo);
END test_proc;

Inside of Power BI, I connect to the database server and give the following SQL statement:





The SP works fine when called from anywhere else. When called from Power BI, the first error I recive says:


Details: "EvaluateNativeQueryUnpermitted failure: the query 'BEGIN
END;' isn't approved for execution."


I then hit "retry" on the dialog box that contains that error, it then brings the popup to ask if I want to allow the native database query. I hit "Run" and then I get an error that says: 


Details: "This native database query isn't currently supported."


So, are stored procedure calls to Oracle databases not supported? 




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Hi @compscinj,


I'm afraid the stored procedure isn't supported by now. I tested it and got the same error. Please vote on an idea or create a new one here.


Best Regards,


Frequent Visitor
Thank you for the response.