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Option to use Button as a Book mark to navigate pages is not working


I tried using a button on one sheet (Sheet 1) to navigate to another sheet (sheet 2) by converting the button into a bookmark.  I created a button (in a blank PowerBI file) and turned on the action option and then selected the bookmark option (type of action). Then under the Bookmarks pane I created a new bookmark, named it 'Page 2'. Then selected the 'Page 2' bookmark back in the action option. After this I tried clicking the button on 'Page 1' . Ideally after clicking the button I should be seeing the Page 2, but nothing happens.

Can someone please help.

Thanks an Regards,


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Make sure you've clicked Update from the menu by selecting the ellipses next to the bookmark's name. Besides, test the button by using CTRL+CLICK.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried doing that multiple times yesterday. Today I figured out the issues. I was creating the bookmarkin sheet 1. We need to go to sheet 2 and then create a bookmark. Go back to sheet 1 and then select sheet2 bookmark created within the action pane.

It works now.