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Open dataflow in new tab goes to Home

This just started this week.


In Google Chrome and IE, in a Workspace on the Dataflows tab, if I right-click on a dataflow and select "Open link in new tab" the new tab that opens just goes to .


Some times I get the message:

"Sorry, we couldn't find that dataflow
It may have been deleted or you may not have access to view it."

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Community Support

@jeffshieldsdev ,


I'm afraid I could not reproduce this issue. The page goes to the entity after click "Open link in new tab" on my side. You can clear the browser cache/use incogito mode and check if this issue persists.



Jimmy Tao

Continued Contributor

Thanks for the reply.

I cleared cache.  Tried in Incognito.  I turned off New Look, and it still New Look and it still happens.

Edit 1:

Google Chrome had an update pending... but after updating and clearing cache, I'm still getting it (I got excited there for a second 😄 )

There's quite a few notifications on the support page:

Possibly related: browsing the Dataflows tab in a Workspace, the URL is like this:

but the links under the Dataflows themselves are like this:

I'll submit a support ticket.  Thanks.

Continued Contributor

Response from Product Group: fix in 3-6 months. 😞